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Tour Finca Del Cid

Add Cafe Del Cid to your itinerary when you visit Guatemala. You will visit a village where everyone is family. An experience on its own!
Tour our coffee farms as you learn and enjoy being one with nature. You will learn the beginning steps of coffee before you enjoy it in your cup. Enjoy Guatemala like a local with the locals. 
Visit us March-May for coffee blooming when our farms are filled with white flowers and a fragrant scent of jasmine all around. Perfect for special moments to capture on camera. 
Come November- January to experience the beauty of coffee picking. A bucket list item! 
Don’t worry Guatemala is the land of eternal spring, any time of year is beautiful. 
We offer beautiful lodging overlooking the beautiful valley of Santa Rosa. Day trips are welcomed as well! 
Email us for more information! See you soon! 🇬🇹
Other Activities:-visit the local waterfall & river-tour the local church-activities at the local school -horseback riding -milk a cow with tio (must be up at 5:30am)-cooking class with tia 

Local Trips:*Laguna de Ayarza (Lake Ayarza)
A crater lake. The lake is a caldera that was created by a catastrophic eruption. Lake activities plus delicious fried tilapia. 

*Pino Dulce Ecological Park(Sweet Pine)  The most beautiful views. Walk along the clouds. If you’re brave enough zipline and walk the hanging bridge. 



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Finca Del Cid

Finca Del Cid

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